Entering the dojo is something few people ever get a chance to do. Upon entering you instantly notice the lightness of the air, and the power that seems to eminate from the walls and floor. Built on a place of Necromantic Power. The floor almost seems to be made of cloud. Across the room you see a large wooden symbol hanging from the wall, it's origin unknown to you. It seems to be hundreds if not thousands of years old. There are weapons hanging from the wall to your right.

They are: A Demon Lord Sword, A Lohengrin Sword, A Golden Ceremonial Samurai Sword, A Hachiman Sword, and an empty sword holder.

You take one attempt to take one of the swords from their places, but are met insteat by a field of magic surrounding the swords. The field inflicts minimal damage upon you, but enough so that you wouldn't try it again. Looking to your left you see another weapon adorned wall. On the wall you see many different kinds of knives, and other smaller weapons.

They are: A 10" Flame Dagger, A 12" Flame Dagger, Swiss Holben Dagger , A Kestral Dagger, A Talon Dagger, A Pair of Kris Daggers, A Stand that holds 8 Large Boot Knives but one is missing, A Large Tanto, A Scimitar, Displayed above the Knives are two Naginatas which are arranged in a ^ form.

Along that same wall there are also 6 Pegs on which hang sets of Nunchakus. They are arranged like this:

1st Peg: 2 Carved Dragon Ball Bearing Nunchakus
2nd Peg: [empty]
3rd Peg: 2 Hand Carved Rattan Nunchakus
4th Peg: 2 Carved Lightning Nunchakus
5th Peg: 2 Octagon Ball Bearing Nunchakus
6th Peg: 2 Octagon Cord Nunchakus

Right below the pegs there is a nunchakus case. Immediatly above the Nunchakus there are an interesting series of double pegs. These pegs hold a large assorment of beautiful sais. They are arranged like so:

#1: 2 Chrome Octagon Sais
#2: 2 Chrome Round Sais
#3: 2 Chrome Octagon Sais
#4: 2 Chrome Round Sais

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