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My name is Nikoli Tretiak. I am a member of the Tretiak Family, which is a very powerful force in RhyDin. My Brother (Ivan) leads the family, which has been a signifigent power for 4 generations.

While I am a very powerful person in the family (untouchable as a matter of fact), I enjoy the feeling that is brought by a good fight. This is why years ago I had this dojo built. It gives me a place to study and train. If you do not believe in my own ability I challenge you to read this:

Hand To Hand Combat: 2d40
Melee Weapons: 2d40-2d45
Ranged Weapons: 2d35
Thrown Weapons: 2d35

Now that you know me, I welcome you to enter my Dojo.


Family Information:

The Tretiak Crime Family a long time ago in Russia. Founded by my Great Grandfather Vladimir Tretiak the family grew. It was when my Great Grandfather died that my Grandfather Grigory Tretiak moved the family to RhyDin from Moscow. Here is the family breakdown, although I have excluded important friends and other emportant people. There are just the people in the prime branch of the family, although there are 4.

Father: Valery Tretiak (55)-Former Leader of Tretiak Family (desceased)
Brother: Ivan Tretiak (27)-Leader of Tretiak Family
Brother: Ilya Tretiak(25)- 3rd to Ivan
Brother: Viktor Tretiak (24)-4th to Ivan (adopted)
Sister: Sasha Gaidar (25)-Married to Alexander Gaidar
Sister: Krista Tretiak (12)
Brother in Law: Alexander Gaidar (26)- *No Family Status*
Sister In Law: Elena Tretiak (25)- Wife of Ivan
Sister in Law: Katina Tretiak (22)- Wife of Victor
**Mila Rybkin-Engaged to Viktor

That's the family.. in case you didn't figure it out... here's how I place:

Nikoli Tretiak (26)-2nd to Ivan